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At Concrete Business we have the products and technologies needed to help our customers in the restoration of their project.

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Concrete Business offers complete commercial and residential concrete lifting services. Our highly trained and experienced staff can raise and restore uneven steps, porches, driveways, or sidewalks without damaging landscapes or surrounding structures. Our preventive maintenance service can also prevent erosion and further damage to your concrete and structure. We can complete jobs in a relatively short time and you can begin using the area soon after it’s raised.
Experienced in correcting sinking concrete problems in Alberta and Calgary for over 10 years. We raise your concrete back to its proper position through mud jacking and slab jacking processes.
Based in Calgary, Alberta, Sunken Concrete Solutions has an experienced team of professionals working for you. Our highly specialized equipment incorporates the latest technology. We believe in high-quality service and we offer a 2-year guarantee on our work.

We wanted to let you know that we offer the best services in the Area and We Will Meet Or Beat ANY Reasonable price Quote!
How To Get Long Lasting Concrete
Mixtures for repair and restore concrete Rapid Set Cement All, Mortar Mix and Concrete Mix are mixtures of multi-use repair and high strength that forged quickly and in an hour get a structural strength and on which you can drive, all with long-lasting results.
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Slab Jacking Repair
A home is your greatest investment, and good maintenance pays you back double. For substantial repairs involving structural integrity, turn to an expert. The professionals at Calgary Concrete Business. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our work. Our experts are service professionals who specialize in the field of slab jacking and concrete repair.
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A Trustworthy Concrete Business In Calgary
Our team members understand that you are not simply “contracting a project,” but actually entrusting us with your investment and inviting us into your home. We repay that trust with courteous, timely service, incredible results, and thorough clean-ups. 
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Our Recent Projects
We are always hiring skilled Concrete Contractors In Calgary to join Us. Contact us about job openings!