About Us

At Concrete Business we have the products and technologies needed to help our customers in the restoration of their project.

For over 30 years we have been in the business of installing, replacing and repairing concrete in beautiful Calgary.

If you are looking for a concrete contractor that has years of experience,  look no further.We go out of our way to ensure our clients understand exactly what is going to take place in their project and what materials we will be using. We do this so our clients feel comfortable knowing they are getting what they want.  Whether we are working on a commercial or residential project, we prepare each with the highest level of importance, because high-quality concrete solutions are, and have been, our business for over 30 years.

We design our concrete jobs with our customer to make sure they are excited about the job we are going to do for them.

Our quality of work is one step above all others. We go out of our way to ensure our clients are happy. We spend the extra time to ensure we understand exactly what our clients want.

Our pricing is very comparable to all of our competitors; we do many things to ensure we offer a much higher value such as:

  • Using a cost effective fiber mesh material to hold concrete together
  • Always pouring on engineered road base fill
  • Double checking with our client on desired outcome before pouring
  • Controlling concrete cracking with saw cutting to prevent major cracking
  • Punctual completion of projects
  • High-quality seal  to give the concrete a beautiful finish and increase its longevity

We were one of the first in the Calgary concrete companies to use stamping and coloring on driveways, sidewalks, back patios, pool decks etc.

We have survived the troublesome recession period that put many other concrete contractor companies out of business. One of the main reasons we are still here is our company has, and will always have, a good, strong name in Calgary.

We have employees working for us for over 14 years. We have been established since 1978, licensed bonded and insured.

We are always hiring skilled Concrete Contractors In Calgary to join Us. Contact us about job openings!